Postgrad Puzzles

Communicating Postgrad Research @ LSE


PUZZLES is a new platform allowing research students at LSE to communicate their research in a non-technical, creative way and draw inspiration from other disciplines. Open to contributions from all fields, PUZZLES publishes brief summaries of PhD students’ research.

PUZZLES is run by a team of PhD students in cooperation with the LSESU. The project is the result of initiatives to offer postgraduate research students a platform to communicate their work and as such supported by the LSE Annual Fund.

Since PUZZLES is run by volunteers, we are constantly looking for postgraduate students who want to get involved in this initiative in one of two ways.

1. Write a short piece about your research which will be published on this website.

2. Join our editorial team and help shape and improve this platform.

If you are interested, please get in touch at

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