Term has come to an end, LSE has shut down and re-opened for summer school, and PhD students have left London in flocks or grumpily sweat it out in PhD rooms and Lincolns Inn Fields. It’s a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year and make plans for the next one. It is also about time that the people behind Postgrad Puzzles properly introduce themselves.

Postgrad Puzzles is run by just two people, Ilari and Paula. We both believe that talking about your research is a fundamental aspect of doing a PhD. We also both suffer from chronic topic-jealousy: hearing about someone else’s PhD and thinking “that sounds way more fun than what I am doing!” So really, we are running this blog primarily because we are curious what other PhD students are working on, and to share the motivation and the reality of research.

Postgrad Puzzles was successfully re-launched in November 2016 and has been thriving since. We published 7 posts on PhD projects from 5 different LSE departments. The topics discussed were diverse, accessible, fun and covered a lot of ground. Response to the posts was great with each post attracting roughly 150 clicks. 150! Even accounting for proud parents coming back several times, that means a lot of interest for the research done by LSE PhD students!

Thank you again everyone who contributed, shared or talked about Postgrad Puzzles in the last year. We will continue publishing short and informal posts about PhD students’ work after the summer. We are always looking for contributions, so if you want to write a short post for us, please get in touch!