Welcome to PUZZLES, the new platform for graduate research at LSE

PhD students are frequently asked ” So, what is your research about?” – a question known to have spoiled entire conversations in front of the George. Speaking about your research to people outside your immediate discipline is difficult, but it can also be rewarding: it helps focus on the broader relevance of your research, it lets you practice communicating your work, and it can provide new inspirations and angles that you had not considered before.

Simultaneously, and definitely because the question is so uncomfortable, conversations about PhD research seem to be superficial. For example, of the 886 PhD students enrolled at LSE in the academic year 2013/14 – how many research topics do you really know about? Granted, you might know a bit about the people in your department, maybe some friends’ and, at the very least, your own. Still, aren’t you curious to know how other PhDs spend these four years of their lives? What else there is outside your departmental PhD common room? We are – and that is why we initiated PUZZLES.

Open to contributions from all fields and run by a team of postgrad students, PUZZLES publishes brief summaries of PhD students’ research. We provide an online platform for research students to communicate their work in a non-technical, creative way and draw inspiration from other disciplines. 

As most puzzles, PUZZLES is a work-in-progress. Have a look around, like us on facebook and if you would like to support this initiative get in touch! We are looking for contributors as well as students to join our editorial team.